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High quality walnuts and hazelnuts of EU quality, from Ecological areas of Ukraine and Georgia
Growing, processing and exporting worldwide

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Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод


Growing, processing and exporting all over the world.

  1. Washing
    cleaning nuts from hulls’ parts, dirt and dust;
  2. Drying
    2 weeks drying nuts in low moisture area;
  3. Calibrating
    Calibrating in shell nuts by sizes, using Sortex equipment;
  4. Cracking
    pre-cracking, - removal of the nutshells, secondary cracking, - removal of the inside parts;
  5. Color sorting
    with a 10 Mpxl cameras;
  6. Calibration
    Kernel calibration by fractions;
  7. Packing kernels
    Packing kernels under the customer purpose.
  8. Humidity control
    Humidity control through the whole production process.


Walnut Kernels Halves
Walnut Quarters
Walnut Crumb
Blanched Hazelnuts kernels
Roasted Hazelnuts kernels
Chopped Hazelnuts
Hazelnuts meal
Walnut oil
Walnut Butter
Hazelnut Butter


Purenuts strictly follows the technology process in each stage that ensures
our clients with the best quality products of EU standards.

Walnut key features

Walnut key features:

  • The highest oil content more than 75%, proved by laboratory investigations;
  • High presence A,C,D,E,K vitamins, antioxidants, Omega-3, Omega-6;
  • Diseases prevention like - hypertension, atherosclerosis, diathesis, pancreatitis and many others.
Walnut key features

Hazel nut key features:

  • High oil conent – 55-65%;
  • High presence of B1, Beta-carotene and microelements;
  • High caloric content makes hazel nut products a best choice of confectioneries, pastries and bakeries.


PureNuts provides certificates of SGS and BUREAU VERITAS under the request of customers in order to prove quality, quantity and any other matters. Our factory is equipped with modern machinery which fulfills all food safety & hygiene requirements. PureNuts has fully equipped laboratory and can conduct all kinds of physical, chemical and microbiological analysis as well as Aflatoxin test. Our Сertificates:

Orders a sample for free paying only delivery costs


PureNuts exports walnuts and hazel nuts worldwide like EU Countries, CIS countries, US, Middle East and GCC region. We are fully open to cooperate with new companies from different countries, in order to satisfy all needs and demands of our partners with high quality products.

Delivery rules and conditions

Each order from our customers we are discussing personally and trying to find best solution to realize it. For the moment PureNuts has three options to make a shipment:

  • 40” Container – Choosing this option we are making shipment in 1 week after accounting prepayment. Customers will get best transportation rate and personal discount for the order.
  • 10 MT or more – Choosing this option we are making shipment fluently within a week after accounting customer’s prepayment. We are also offering a special discount for our new partners.
  • Less 10 MT – Choosing this option we are looking for other customers in your region and composing container for several customers. It takes 3-4 weeks or less to finalize the deal.

Your order will be delivered by well-known and prowen logistics companies. We are also providing online tracking of cargo movements for each order.


Serag from Cairo (Egypt)
Bakhva from Tbilisi (Georgia)
Alex from Dubai (UAE)


Walnut Mocha Torte
Easy Muhammara
Persian Pomegranate Chicken (Fesenjan)
Walnut Parsley Pesto
Baklava pastry
Walnuts sugar

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Our Benefits

Highest quality of products

99,9% of nuts and products purity

Prompt worldwide delivery

Individual assistance of each customer

Possibility of Private Label implementation

Orders a sample for free paying only delivery costs

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